Oscar has an issue with a law of nature. Because he's a klutz, the force of gravity is his nemesis. It pulls him down, trips his feet, and it seems to help the neighborhood bullies who make his life difficult. But he can't do anything about it...or can he? One day after school, Oscar happens upon a spooky old train car in a ravine. Inside it, he makes a discovery that could change his life. Or at least it might help him climb the rope in gym class.

Accompanied by his best friend Asha, Oscar learns what happens when he defies one law of nature, but can't do anything about the rest of them. Will Oscar use his new power wisely, or will it get the better of him?

Oscar and the Amazing Gravity Repellent has fantastical elements inspired by Roald Dahl and emotional realism worthy of Judy Blume, and is available from Capstone in the U.S. and Raintree in the U.K.

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Teachers, parents, and librarians, download a free bullying discussion guide to accompany the book.


"The story is engaging for both boys & girls, the characters are well-developed & also diverse (hey!) and it's all-around a fun read."
     - Anne M. Tillery, Amazon review

"My son really enjoyed the book, wanting it to be much longer and wanting to know what else Oscar was getting into. Will really be looking forward to more Oscar and more of Tina's books!"
     - Laura Kaiser, Goodreads review

"This is a great book for kids, especially those that feel klutzy or left out or bullied."
     - 'Grateful Grandma,' Amazon review

"Basic physics and the natural curiousity of childhood find their way into this entertaining story without ever sounding like science or behavior lessons."
     - Sharon K. Yntema, Amazon review

"I recommend this book to people who love hilarious adventures and wonderful details. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 and up. "
     - Arianna, age 12, 5 Girls Book Reviews