2012                Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

                        Ph.D., Mass Media & Communication

    Dissertation, "Seeing, believing, and cooking: Visual communication,

    food-media literacy, and self-efficacy" involved 94 human subjects and extensive quantitative

    and qualitative data collection and analysis


2003                University of Nottingham, Nottingham, England

                        M.A., Critical Theory & Cultural Studies


2000                University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

                        B.S., Journalism




Peterson, T. and Turner, K.L. 'Extravagance and folly' versus 'proper food':

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Spring 2014 –     Consultant, The News Literacy Project

present                Working to expand project into Houston with fundraising and outreach to schools, foundations and community leaders


Fall 2012 –         Lecturer, Program in Writing and Communication, Rice University

Spring 2013        Courses: The Real Cost of a Coke (FWIS 136), The Pictures in Our Heads (FWIS 166)

-       Met with students individually throughout semester to establish and track semester-long goals for building written, oral, and visual communication skills

-       Created and implemented writing progress logs to enable students to identify and follow specific strategies to improve writing skills


Summer 2012 –   Instructor, University of St. Thomas

Summer 2014     Courses: Writing for the Media (COMM 4393), Social Impact of Media (COMM 3381)

-       Assigned a semester-long writing portfolio to encourage students to track progress and skills development


Fall 2010 –         Instructor, The Pennsylvania State University

Summer 2011     Course: Mass Media and Society (COMM 100)


Summer 2007 –  Instructor, Temple University

Summer 2009     Courses: Media and Society (ADV 1101), Morality, Law and Advertising (ADV 4196)

-       Worked with junior and senior advertising majors to improve written communication and prepare for entry into advertising professions




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Spring 2013        Center for Written, Oral and Visual Communication at Rice University

-       Created and implemented social media presences to publicize Center's resources


Summer 2012 –  National Association for Media Literacy Education

present                Board of Directors, Leadership Council, Visibility Chair, and Conference Publicity Chair

-       Re-energized social media presences and increased organization's reach on Facebook and Twitter


Summer 2009     Temple University

Dept. of Broadcasting, Telecommunications & Mass Media

Periodic Program Review Committee

-       Oversaw development of maps for department curriculum




School of Communications and                        Third place, Graduate Student

Theater at Temple University                           Research Forum, 2009


Center for the Humanities at                            Graduate Associate, 2008 – 2009

Temple University


University of Nottingham                                 Queen's Scholarship, 2002 – 2003





National Association for Media Literacy Education

Association for the Study of Food and Society